EntropicPotentials.plot_potential(forward=True, quantile=0.05, kantorovich=True, ax=None, x_bounds=(-6, 6), y_bounds=(-6, 6), num_grid=50, contourf_kwargs=None)#

Plot the potential.

  • forward – use the forward map from the potentials if True, otherwise use the inverse map

  • quantile – quantile to filter the potentials with

  • kantorovich – whether to plot the Kantorovich potential

  • ax – axis to add the plot to

  • x_bounds – x-axis bounds of the plot \((x_{\text{min}}, x_{\text{max}})\)

  • y_bounds – y-axis bounds of the plot \((y_{\text{min}}, y_{\text{max}})\)

  • num_grid – number of points to discretize the domain into a grid along each dimension

  • contourf_kwargs – additional kwargs passed into contourf()


Figure and axes.