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# Copyright OTT-JAX
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
from typing import List, Tuple, Union

import jax
import jax.numpy as jnp

from import (

__all__ = ["GaussianMixture"]

def get_summary_stats_from_points_and_assignment_probs(
    points: jnp.ndarray, point_weights: jnp.ndarray,
    assignment_probs: jnp.ndarray
) -> Tuple[jnp.ndarray, jnp.ndarray, jnp.ndarray]:
  """Get component summary stats from points and component probabilities.

    points: array of points, shape (n, n_dim)
    point_weights: array of weights for the points, shape (n,)
    assignment_probs: array of component assignment probabilities for the
      points, shape (n, n_components)

    Tuple containing for each component,
    * the sample mean for each component, shape (n_components, n_dim)
    * the sample covariance for each component,
        shape (n_components, n_dim, n_dim)
    * the weight for each component,
        shape (n_components,)

  def component_from_points(points, point_weights, assignment_probs):
    component_weight = (
        jnp.sum(point_weights * assignment_probs) / jnp.sum(point_weights)
    component_mean, component_cov = linalg.get_mean_and_cov(
        points=points, weights=point_weights * assignment_probs
    return component_mean, component_cov, component_weight

  components_from_points_fn = jax.vmap(
      component_from_points, in_axes=(None, None, 1), out_axes=0

  return components_from_points_fn(points, point_weights, assignment_probs)

[docs] @jax.tree_util.register_pytree_node_class class GaussianMixture: """Gaussian Mixture model.""" def __init__( self, loc: jnp.ndarray, scale_params: jnp.ndarray, component_weight_ob: probabilities.Probabilities ): self._loc = loc self._scale_params = scale_params self._component_weight_ob = component_weight_ob
[docs] @classmethod def from_random( cls, rng: jax.Array, n_components: int, n_dimensions: int, stdev_mean: float = 0.1, stdev_cov: float = 0.1, stdev_weights: float = 0.1, ridge: Union[float, jnp.array] = 0, ) -> "GaussianMixture": """Construct a random GMM.""" loc = [] scale_params = [] for _ in range(n_components): rng, subrng = jax.random.split(rng) component = gaussian.Gaussian.from_random( subrng, n_dimensions=n_dimensions, stdev_mean=stdev_mean, stdev_cov=stdev_cov, ridge=ridge, ) loc.append(component.loc) scale_params.append(component.scale.params) loc = jnp.stack(loc, axis=0) scale_params = jnp.stack(scale_params, axis=0) weight_ob = probabilities.Probabilities.from_random( subrng, n_dimensions=n_components, stdev=stdev_weights, ) return cls( loc=loc, scale_params=scale_params, component_weight_ob=weight_ob )
[docs] @classmethod def from_mean_cov_component_weights( cls, mean: jnp.ndarray, cov: jnp.ndarray, component_weights: jnp.ndarray ): """Construct a GMM from means, covariances, and component weights.""" scale_params = [] for i in range(cov.shape[0]): scale_params.append(scale_tril.ScaleTriL.from_covariance(cov[i]).params) scale_params = jnp.stack(scale_params, axis=0) weight_ob = probabilities.Probabilities.from_probs(component_weights) return cls( loc=mean, scale_params=scale_params, component_weight_ob=weight_ob )
[docs] @classmethod def from_points_and_assignment_probs( cls, points: jnp.ndarray, point_weights: jnp.ndarray, assignment_probs: jnp.ndarray, ) -> "GaussianMixture": """Estimate a GMM from points and a set of component probabilities.""" mean, cov, wts = get_summary_stats_from_points_and_assignment_probs( points=points, point_weights=point_weights, assignment_probs=assignment_probs ) return cls.from_mean_cov_component_weights( mean=mean, cov=cov, component_weights=wts )
@property def dtype(self): """Dtype of the GMM parameters.""" return self.loc.dtype @property def n_dimensions(self): """Number of dimensions of the GMM parameters.""" return self._loc.shape[-1] @property def n_components(self): """Number of components of the GMM parameters.""" return self._loc.shape[-2] @property def loc(self) -> jnp.ndarray: """Location parameters of the GMM.""" return self._loc @property def scale_params(self) -> jnp.ndarray: """Scale parameters of the GMM.""" return self._scale_params @property def cholesky(self) -> jnp.ndarray: """Cholesky decomposition of the GMM covariance matrices.""" size = self.n_dimensions def _get_cholesky(scale_params): return scale_tril.ScaleTriL(params=scale_params, size=size).cholesky() return jax.vmap(_get_cholesky, in_axes=0, out_axes=0)(self.scale_params) @property def covariance(self) -> jnp.ndarray: """Covariance matrices of the GMM.""" size = self.n_dimensions def _get_covariance(scale_params): return scale_tril.ScaleTriL(params=scale_params, size=size).covariance() return jax.vmap(_get_covariance, in_axes=0, out_axes=0)(self.scale_params) @property def component_weight_ob(self) -> probabilities.Probabilities: """Component weight object.""" return self._component_weight_ob @property def component_weights(self) -> jnp.ndarray: """Component weights probabilities.""" return self._component_weight_ob.probs()
[docs] def log_component_weights(self) -> jnp.ndarray: """Log component weights probabilities.""" return self._component_weight_ob.log_probs()
def _get_normal( self, loc: jnp.ndarray, scale_params: jnp.ndarray ) -> gaussian.Gaussian: size = loc.shape[-1] return gaussian.Gaussian( loc=loc, scale=scale_tril.ScaleTriL(params=scale_params, size=size) )
[docs] def get_component(self, index: int) -> gaussian.Gaussian: """Specified GMM component.""" return self._get_normal( loc=self.loc[index], scale_params=self.scale_params[index] )
[docs] def components(self) -> List[gaussian.Gaussian]: """List of all GMM components.""" return [self.get_component(i) for i in range(self.n_components)]
[docs] def sample(self, rng: jax.Array, size: int) -> jnp.ndarray: """Generate samples from the distribution.""" subrng0, subrng1 = jax.random.split(rng) component = self.component_weight_ob.sample(rng=subrng0, size=size) std_samples = jax.random.normal(subrng1, shape=(size, self.n_dimensions)) def _transform_single_component(k, scale, loc): def _transform_single_value(single_component, single_x): return jax.lax.cond( single_component == k, lambda x: jnp.matmul(scale, x[:, None])[:, 0] + loc, jnp.zeros_like, single_x ) return jax.vmap(_transform_single_value)(component, std_samples) return jnp.sum( jax.vmap(_transform_single_component) (jnp.arange(self.n_components), self.cholesky, self.loc), axis=0 )
[docs] def conditional_log_prob(self, x: jnp.ndarray) -> jnp.ndarray: """Compute the component-conditional log probability of x. Args: x: (n, n_dimensions) array of points Returns: (n, n_components) array of the log probability of x conditioned on it having come from each component. """ def _log_prob_single_component( loc: jnp.ndarray, scale_params: jnp.ndarray, x: jnp.ndarray ): norm = self._get_normal(loc=loc, scale_params=scale_params) return norm.log_prob(x) conditional_log_prob_fn = jax.vmap( _log_prob_single_component, in_axes=(0, 0, None), out_axes=1 ) return conditional_log_prob_fn(self._loc, self._scale_params, x)
[docs] def log_prob(self, x: jnp.ndarray) -> jnp.ndarray: """Compute the log probability of the observations x. Args: x: (n, n_dimensions) array of points Returns: (n,) array of log probabilities. """ # p(x) = \sum_i p(x|c_i) p(c_i) log_prob_conditional = self.conditional_log_prob(x) log_component_weight = self.log_component_weights() return jax.scipy.special.logsumexp( log_prob_conditional + log_component_weight[None, :], axis=-1 )
[docs] def get_log_component_posterior(self, x: jnp.ndarray) -> jnp.ndarray: """Compute the posterior probability that x came from each component. Args: x: (n, n_dimensions) array of points Returns: (n, n_components) array of poster component log probabilities. """ # p(x | c_i) = p(x, c_i) / p(c_i) => p(x, c_i) = p(x | c_i) p(c_i) # p(c_i | x) = p(x, c_i) / p(x) # = p(x | c_i) p(c_i) / sum_j(p(x | c_j)p(c_j)) log_prob_conditional = self.conditional_log_prob(x) log_component_weight = self.log_component_weights() log_prob_unnorm = log_prob_conditional + log_component_weight[None, :] return log_prob_unnorm - jax.scipy.special.logsumexp( log_prob_unnorm, axis=-1, keepdims=True )
[docs] def has_nans(self) -> bool: # noqa: D102 for leaf in jax.tree_util.tree_leaves(self): if jnp.any(~jnp.isfinite(leaf)): return True return False
def tree_flatten(self): # noqa: D102 children = (self.loc, self.scale_params, self.component_weight_ob) aux_data = {} return children, aux_data @classmethod def tree_unflatten(cls, aux_data, children): # noqa: D102 return cls(*children, **aux_data) def __repr__(self): class_name = type(self).__name__ children, aux = self.tree_flatten() return "{}({})".format( class_name, ", ".join([repr(c) for c in children] + [f"{k}: {repr(v)}" for k, v in aux.items()]) ) def __hash__(self): return jax.tree_util.tree_flatten(self).__hash__() def __eq__(self, other): return jax.tree_util.tree_flatten(self) == jax.tree_util.tree_flatten(other)